Travel: Paris, one more week.

We are back in Paris for a second week after our two week tour to Eastern Europe that included the Czech Republic, Slovakia, a tiny corner of Austria and Hungary.  We traveled over 600 miles on our bus.  We walked over 120 miles in total averaging 4.2 miles per day.

Now back in Paris, our first day included a much needed visit to the local laundry, a quick trip to the corner store for food and provisions.  And a long walk to a movie complex to catch a much needed (English) language movie just to stay current.

John as Vana White practicing for a commercial.
A cat coffee house in our block where folks enjoy a rest with beverages and cats!
Building detail dating to the late 1800s.
Dating back to 1896, Chartier has been a popular Paris landmark for traditional French fare.
A simple salad of endive and Roquefort dressing.
Main course is roasted chicken and French fries.
Desert of chocolate mousse.
The restaurant is very popular with locals and visitors alike. It’s an institution in Paris.

9 thoughts on “Travel: Paris, one more week.”

  1. No more pork and potatoes?
    I love your hair long. You look so handsome. Think of what a knock out you’ll be in clean clothes!

  2. Could never keep up with you two. Too strenuous for me! What a fabulous trip. Love the photos and you look quite handsome. Cheers

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