Movies: Sorry We Missed You, Gemini Man, Judy

Movie 1 Title: Sorry We Missed You

Set in Suburban London and the financial crash of 2008, this is the story of an average family and the layered challenges they endure just trying to make ends meet.

Just as important the script is laser focused on the character development and the erosion that slowly tears the family apart.  Excellent on all fronts. It was a favorite at Cannes.  Seek it out if you can. 


Movie 2 Title: Gemini Man

Lots of critics panned this film as “a clever gimmick”, “tedious”, and a “muddled misfire”.  We are not sure they were watching the same film we did.  We felt it was engaging, thought provoking and well executed.  Add a new state of the art CGI (computer generated images) technology and we may be seeing a lot of inventive stories in the near future. 


Movie 3 Title: Judy

Rarely does a performance come along that depicts its character so perfectly that one forgets who is whom.  In this film, Renee Zellweger not only plays Judy Garland, she morphs into Judy Garland.  

Overall, its an extraordinary look at a legendary performer in the twilight of her career and life.  If you are a fan, we are pretty sure you will like this film. 



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