Movies: The Lighthouse, Frankie, Last Christmas

Movie 1: The Lighthouse

The Movie Database shows about a dozen films over the recent decades by the same name.  You won’t find one quite like the most recent release starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.  Let’s just say their performances are intense, disturbing, and at times horrific.  There is only one other actor, Valeriia Karaman as the Mermaid, and that scene is quite unpleasant.  It’s really a shame.



Movie 2:  Frankie

Isabelle Huppert delivers a solid performance as an actress in the twilight of her career.  The stunning setting in Sintra, Portugal is perfect.  However, the extensive cast of characters are offset by a convoluted plot.  The result is a tedious experience for the moviegoer.  English and French with English subtitles.



Movie 3:  Last Christmas

Well…wouldn’t you know this film has been called “the best bad movie of the year” by several sources.  That said, we think the general condition of the global movie industry has lost its moral compass and common sense!  We really enjoyed this movie.

Since when has love and humor in a Christmas themed movie, with good acting, become such an easy target for so many ‘wanna be critics’!  The George Michael soundtrack is pretty good too.




2 thoughts on “Movies: The Lighthouse, Frankie, Last Christmas”

  1. Thanks for scolding the snobs who can resent a movie you just enjoyed. Good stance, good reviews.

    Thanks again.

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