Movies: Motherless Brooklyn, Where’s My Roy Cohn?, Doctor Sleep

Movie 1: Motherless Brooklyn

If you are in the mood for a 1950’s genre Brooklyn, New York setting Drama with an A-list dozen actors, and you have a couple of hours to spend, this just might be your next movie experience.  

Add a jazz club in Harlem, a few New York power brokers, a few thugs, and a  young love interest.  It’s well worth the 144 minutes.



Movie 2: Where’s My Roy Cohn?

This is a fascinating, albeit aggravating, documentary about Roy Cohn, known as a ruthless lawyer who gained fame during the McCarthy hearings of the 1950’s.  Until his death in 1986 he was known as a corrupt lawyer, a skilled attack dog and a horrid human being.

More importantly, this film chronicles the life and times of a self hating homosexual whose life was filled with gilded trappings, amoral behavior and fueled by insidious actions.  



Movie 3: Doctor Sleep

First, this is a fascinating follow-up to Steven King’s Shining, only 40 years later.  This is mostly a softer version that replaces shock with subtlety.  It’s inventive, thought provoking and an instant classic.

Take a snack or an early lunch/dinner to bridge the 151 minute run time.




One thought on “Movies: Motherless Brooklyn, Where’s My Roy Cohn?, Doctor Sleep”

  1. Thanks for the reviews. I want to see Motherless Brooklyn was concerned about the SF Chronicle’s trashy review. I waited for the better review to come along. Thanks, I’ll see it this week.

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