Movies: The Irishman, Better Days, Midway

Movie 1: The Irishman

This film by Martin Scorsese is based on the 2004 book I heard You Paint Houses. It has a huge cast of talented actors.  The plot revolves around a truck driver who becomes a hit man, then a mobster, and eventually worked for Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters Union. 

This film is literally a reenactment of historical events at a time when the lines between organized crime, unions and the government was far from perfect.  Sounds familiar?!  This is sure to be nominated for several awards.  Don’t miss it!


Movie 2:  Better Days

Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles.


Movie 3:  Midway

This newest version of the battles between the US and Japan in 1945 is an undeniable blockbuster.  That said, we were surprised to discover an article describing errors in the movie that range from factual to revealing mistakes.

None of these details diminish the overall production value or the viewing experience.  The history from Pearl Harbor to Midway and the South Pacific remains one of the most important stories in American history.  The movie is visually stunning.  English, and some Japanese with English subtitles.  



2 thoughts on “Movies: The Irishman, Better Days, Midway”

  1. Thanks. I want to see the Irishman.

    I’m curious why another remake of a familiar story like Midway needs to be retold again? It’s a story many of us are very familiar with. Why was it remade? Probably the age old answer, someone thought they can make money telling it again.


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