Movies: Marriage Story, Ford v Ferrari, The Report

Movie 1: Marriage Story

It’s one part thriller, one part comedy.  It has an A-list cast who deliver exceptional performances.  It’s all believable, sometimes painful to watch, but ultimately a lesson in effective communications and maintaining a durable relationship.


Movie 2: Ford v Ferrari

First, it should be stated neither John nor I are big car buffs.  But being part of the boomer generation we have some sense on this topic.  Set in the 1960’s, Ford Motor Company was struggling to attract customers to its automobiles.

In this film Henry Ford the 2nd fails to purchase the Italian sports car line from Enzo Ferrari.  Instead Ford decides to hire Carroll Hall Shelby to design a car that will compete in the famed race of 24 Hours of Le Mans.  We found the film delightful.

Special Note!  This film was advertised in Paris when we were there recently. The title was listed as: 1966 Le Mans.


Movie 3: The Report

It’s set in the wake of the attacks on 911 with a focus on a CIA operation that conducted “enhanced interrogation”.  It’s based on true events where CIA contractors conducted all sorts of “experiments” on behalf of the government.
The acting is excellent.  This film is most timely and relevant given current events. 



2 thoughts on “Movies: Marriage Story, Ford v Ferrari, The Report”

  1. I already saw Ford vs Ferrari and also liked it. Now two other movies that were off my radar that I want to see.

    Thanks again!

  2. Loved Ford vs Ferrari ! Just finished watching it. The race scenes were exhilarating and caused me a lot of angst …. I was wishing I had some of Shelby’s heart pills to calm my racing heart. Good movie.

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