Movies: 21 Bridges, Waves, Frozen II

Movie 1:  21 Bridges

The reviews of this just released film are stunning given the commentaries are as biased and off target as the accusations.  The bottom line is the good guys are as bad as the bad guys are good.  Confusing? Yes, by design.

What makes this film worthwhile is it stimulates the viewers thought processes.  Generally the acting ranges from fair to excellent.  While imperfect, it’s still a riveting film about crime, corruption and civility.


Movie 2:  Waves

It’s an interesting title.  It seems to imply an accumulation of very poor or bad decisions impacting one or more members of the family.  But that grows in intensity as the plot unfolds.

Without giving too much away, it is also a deep dive into family dysfunctions on multiple levels.  To be fair, it’s a unique and fascinating observation of family love, acceptance and forgiveness.


Movie 3:  Frozen II

This sequel to the first Frozen blockbuster is truly new territory for the Disney franchise.  That said, this newest rendition is stunningly beautiful filling in dozens of loose ends from the first film.  Naysayers are already nitpicking petty aspects as some form of blasphemy.  At our viewing the roughly 50% children in the audience loved it, got all the humor and cheered at all the right times.  It makes sense to us!  We loved it too.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Starting Tuesday, November 26, we will be in Wisconsin with family,  returning to San Francisco December 28.  We will be accessible by mobile phone and or e-mail.   We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, a joyous Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year!  J&J

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  1. Buon viaggio! Send pictures of the setting sun, the ice covered lake, the snowy woods and all the good food and drink you are stuffing into your systems! Have the best of holidays surrounded by the people you love. Xoxox

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