Movies: Knives Out, Queen & Slim, Dark Waters

Movie 1:  Knives Out

This “good, old fashioned whodunit” with an A-list cast is both clever and serious at the same time.  Both the plot and the production do not take themselves seriously which adds to the entertainment value.  

We are on the fence if youngsters should see this film.  That said, there were plenty of children in our theater, most with parents or other adults in tow.


Movie 2:  Queen & Slim

This is a most unusual film.  It’s concurrently a road movie, a fantasy, and a revenge story all at the same time.  That said it all weaves together in a way that adds rather than detracts.

The film is a visual delight.  The focus is racial justice during a period not so long ago.  It’s unique and revealing.  It’s a “must see”.


Movie 3:  Dark Waters

The cast and their performances make this film work.  It’s a lawyer movie but it’s anything but boring.  It’s unique, relevant, and another based on true events.  Shame on you DuPont!




4 thoughts on “Movies: Knives Out, Queen & Slim, Dark Waters”

  1. I saw Knives Out and loved it, right down to Daniel Craig’s bayou accent. I also want to see the other two movies. December is a good time for movies. More to come in the next few weeks.

  2. Today is dreary beyond description. I wish one of those movies were playing around here. I’m staying in the house, snuggling with my “blankie”!!

  3. Really enjoyed Black Waters, but the message it delivered was depressing. We deserve better from both the government and the private sector. I guess it is up to us, as it says in the film.

  4. Knives Out is one of my favorite whodunits. That’s saying a lot because I’ve watched every Agatha Christie movie there is.

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