Movies: Jumanji The Next Level, Black Christmas, Richard Jewell

Movie 1: Jumanji:  The Next Level

This newest rendition mixes old characters and new stars.  The good news is the new cast’s performances are an upgrade.  On the down side, the old story line has new twists that are a bit hard to follow.  If you are already a fan, see it.  If you are new to the franchise be prepared to be confused or confounded.



Movie 2: Black Christmas

We were surprised to learn this was a remake of 1974 and 2006 films by the same name.  What begins as a holiday celebration evolves into a series of stalkings and murders in a local college.  We think it wants to be a message about women’s empowerment but it’s actually the exact opposite.  

Note:  We were the only two people in a very large theater.  Now we know why!


Movie 3:  Richard Jewell

This is a fact based Drama set in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  It’s a fascinating look at the bombing and its aftermath by the press, the FBI, the public at large and the legal labyrinth.  See it for the acting, the behavior of the press, FBI and Clint Eastwood’s Direction.




2 thoughts on “Movies: Jumanji The Next Level, Black Christmas, Richard Jewell”

  1. Looks like you had a sucky week for watching movies! I was hoping Jumanji would be good. Oh well! I would have been interesting to see the Princess Bride’s “true love” act in a decent movie. It’s been years since I have seen him in anything. I’m not going to watch Black Christmas just to satisfy my curiosity, tho!
    Thanks for the warning!

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