Travel: London: January 2020

After a super busy Fall and a very busy Holiday Season we decided a quick trip to London might be a good way to start year 2020!!  Our flight from San Francisco departed early and landed early in London. Overall welcomed news. As usual we took the “tube” into the city where we dropped our luggage at the hotel and decided to wander for a bit.

We have spent the last several days exploring areas we haven’t explored in a while along with areas we know quite well. Weather has been good/very good overall. A few showers here and there but mostly cool and mild. The City is crowded with shoppers from around the world as usual.

We decided to visit The Wallace Collection yesterday. It’s a free admission to a world class collection of art housed in a once palace. We had not seen this collection in several years. We were pleased to see it hasn’t lost its luster.

Some of our favorites follow…

A priceless Canaletto.
A rare Rembrandt.
Numerous galleries with priceless masterpieces.
A new office tower looks down on a historic building.
The original Tower of London.
The first Tower Bridge.
New London replaces Old London…

10 thoughts on “Travel: London: January 2020”

  1. Marvelous pictures! How London changes over the years! Thanks for sharing. You are the best tour guides.

  2. I grew up in New London, formerly named Dover, Iowa! But I have never been to Old London outside of Heathrow.

    We watch a lot of English premier league soccer and it seems this time of year to raining all the time. Good to hear you’re experiencing some decent weather. Remember all the rain on the Portugal/Spain trip?

  3. Loved the pictures. My first visit was this past July. I stayed in a hotel on the Thames right next to the London Tower …. great location. I love the painting by Canaletto ! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have an enormous group of “camp followers”. Count me as one of them! Enjoy your week. I hope the good weather holds, and that you will find excellent eating opportunities between the moments of gorging on culture!

  5. I just knew you two wouldn’t be able to stay home long. That museum looks fabulous and another one to put on my list. Had a great adventure in Kenya and Tanzania November-December but wished you both were with us. Cheers

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