Movies: Bad Boys for Life, Les Miserables, Dolittle

Movie 1: Bad Boys for Life

Career undercover coworkers from Miami Police try to stop a drug cartel from a new flood of drugs from Cuba.  It’s an action packed film with a hint of comedy, lots of action and trademark “we ride together, we die together”!  Overall, well done.



Movie 2: Les Miserables

Don’t get this film confused with the classic French Theater/Movie classic.  This is a fascinating story, albeit flawed and difficult to watch.  Nonetheless, it’s well worth a look.
It’s based on Montfermeil a “sensitive district” in suburban Paris (meaning an ethnically diverse area where the local population and police often operate from radically different perspectives).  French with English subtitles.



Movie 3: Dolittle

This film appears to be targeted towards children’s audiences.  It’s surprisingly entertaining with a mix of circumstances.  Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes quite clever, it’s especially targeted at children with occasional references to adult themes.  Overall, it’s a good film that tries to be too much for too large an audience.  



2 thoughts on “Movies: Bad Boys for Life, Les Miserables, Dolittle”

  1. I wanted Doolittle to be great, darn it. I wasn’t going to watch Bad Boys but now I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks as always for your reviews!! You keep me entertained and save me from the bad movies!

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