Movies: 2020 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Subject Films

This year’s nominated Animated Short Subject films are not to be missed.  Each is unique with powerful messages in their short duration.

Dcera (Daughter)

It’s a somber look at a strained relationship between a father and daughter spanning several years.  Czech Republic.


Hair Love

This is a delightful family story that is uplifting, funny and emotional.  USA.  This is our choice for the Oscar.



A stray kitten and a pit bull discover a friendship with each other.  Another Pixar home run!  USA.



An aging painter and his wife struggle with his advancing dementia.  France.



It’s the touching story about a Chinese family growing up under the ‘one child policy’.  China/USA.


3 thoughts on “Movies: 2020 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Subject Films”

  1. By coincidence, I saw these today in Hartford. I found them quite creepy, particularly the Czech one! I, and the couple with whom I viewed them, were disappointed. The cat and the PitBull was sweet, the “hair” was OK, as was the painter with dementia. Perhaps it is the animated format that I didn’t like. When there was a technical glitch with the sound for the last one shown in this group, the girl with a hunchback, we left quite happily before they figured out what was wrong with the sound system. We never deciphered the meaning of this film.

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