Movies: 2020 Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Subject Films

This is the 15th consecutive year for the Documentary Shorts.  The total combined run time is 160 minutes.

In the Absence

This 28 minute film from South Korea explains what happened to the MV Sewol passenger ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea in 2014.  It’s heartbreaking to watch.  Korean with English subtitles.


Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl)

This film from Afghanistan is about a skateboarding program exclusively for girls.  Most young girls in Afghanistan are not permitted to have such activities, especially those from poor neighborhoods.  The program has resulted with a new generation of young ladies who believe they can do anything.  Run time is 39 minutes.   Afghan Persian with English subtitles.


Life Overtakes Me

This is an amazing story about parents with children from the old Soviet Block countries who sought refugee status from Sweden.  Over 400 children suffered from a coma like illness.  The story is breathtaking and haunting.  Run time is 39 minutes.  Russian and Swedish with English subtitles.


St. Louis Superman

This outstanding 28 minute film chronicles the life of Bruce Franks Jr. Black activist and rapper elected to the Missouri House of Representatives.  It’s an intimate and powerful story about politics, perseverance and community.  This is our pick for the Oscar.


Walk, Run, Cha-Cha

Thus 21 minute film from the US tells the love story of two teenagers who fell in love in Vietnam during the war.  Years later they reunite in California. The filming occurred over 6 years.  It’s a charming story.  Vietnamese and English with English subtitles.



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