Movies: 2020 Oscar Nominated Live Action Short Subject

Brotherhood (Canada, Tunisia, Qatar and Sweden)

This 25 minute film delivers a big package and a lot of tension and family drama when one brother comes home with a new Syrian wife.  It was originally released in 2018 at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Arabic with English subtitles.


NEFTA Football Club (France)

This fascinating 17 minute film tells a tale of how a cartload of narcotics ends up…not on the street…but on a football field.  Charming and inventive.  Arabic with English subtitles.


Saria (USA)

This was a difficult film to watch.  The focus is on two orphaned sisters, 12 and 14 years old, at a “Safe Home” where they faced daily physical abuse by the institution designed to protect them.  In 2017 41 girls died when a fire broke out in the school.  Finally the girls escape and find shelter in the US.  23 minutes.  This is our pick for the Oscar.  Spanish with English subtitles.


The Neighbor’s Window (USA)

It’s exactly what it sounds like.  Neighbors harbor envy, voyeurism and grief when they become obsessed with the activities from their neighbors windows.  It’s concurrently funny and embarrassing.  The run time is 20 minutes.


A Sister  (Belgium)

This is a spooky film where a woman is being kidnapped and pretends to call her sister to check in on her children, but is actually on the phone to a help line.  It’s an intense psychological thriller packed into a 17 minute film.  French with English subtitles.


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