Movies: Wendy, And Then We Danced, Incitement

Movie 1:  Wendy

One part Peter Pan, add one part Captain Hook, this film is unique, sometimes confusing, and often illogical.  Moreover it bobbles around unclear and often confusing.


Nonetheless, it’s beautifully filmed.  It’s just engaging enough to keep one focused.  It’s inventive and different.  It’s intended to be a kids movie but there is plenty there for adults.



Movie 2:  And Then We Danced

This is a fascinating film about modern dance set in the socially conservative country of Georgia.  It’s intriguing and engaging.  It’s a peek behind the curtain of the local traditional dance and its connection to local culture.  The clash between freedom of expression and oppression are powerful and insightful.  Georgian with English subtitles.



Movie 3: Incitement

This period piece is focused on 1993 history when Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s goal is peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  It’s a powerful reminder of a fragile period in history along with personal and religious perspectives that still resonates today.  Hebrew with English subtitles.




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