Movies: The Quarry, True History of the Kelly Gang, 6 Underground

Movie 1:  The Quarry

This film is intriguing and gritty at the same time.  It’s set in the remote landscape of West Texas.  The acting makes this film come to life.  It’s based on the novel by the same name.  Critics appear to be quite favorable.  We found it often painfully difficult to watch but mesmerized by the concept.  Let’s just say West Texas is NOT on our travel list.  This was a pay per view film from Comcast.English and Spanish with English subtitles.



Movie 2:  True History of the Kelly Gang

Now we are talking brutally difficult to watch.  The intense violence and complete insanity of the characters makes this film unique but concurrently heart breaking and appalling.  The first clue should have been bleak scenery in a remote wasteland of Victoria, Australia of the 1850’s and the disclaimer stating it was in fact NOT the true history of the period.  This was also a Comcast pay per view film.


Movie 3:  6 Underground  

This film was released mid December 2019 on Netflix.  The good news is there is nonstop action, great special effects, lots of quality action without taking itself too seriously.  The special effects are simply stunning and a centerpiece to the plot.  The acting has good chemistry and just the right balance of angst and awe.




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