Movies: The Last Thing He Wanted, A Fall From Grace, A Secret Love

Movie 1:  The Last Thing He Wanted

This Netflix movie is based on Joan Didion’s 1996 novel.  This film is so confusing it’s nearly impossible to follow.  The story is messy on several fronts.  It centers on Iran-Contra scandals and arms deals.  Even with good acting we can’t recommend it.


Movie 2:  A Fall From Grace

Now this film is worth seeking out!   It’s a new release on Netflix.  There’s excellent acting and a believable plot.  There is plenty of mystery, suspense and surprises to satisfy most viewers.  The final scene is not to be missed.  Reviews range from “terrible” to “nuts”.  We liked it…a lot.


Movie 3:  A Secret Love



One thought on “Movies: The Last Thing He Wanted, A Fall From Grace, A Secret Love”

  1. Some movies that slipped past me. With my life now dedicated to being a couch potato I have some new films to watch. Thanks guys!

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