Movies: Ordinary Love, American Factory, Fractured

Movie 1: Ordinary Love

OMG!! If the movie making moguls only knew this would be a perfect film for today’s challenges under the pandemic!? Instead of Covid-19 this one is breast cancer. Anyone with family or friends that have coped with breast cancer will relate to this film. Great acting, a believable story. It’s ultimately a feel good film. Comcast on Demand.


Movie 2: American Factory

If you missed it like we did, this 2019 Documentary won the Oscar in its category. It’s a riveting account of a closed GM factory in Ohio replaced by a Chinese company that manufactures automobile glass. The gap between workers cultures and global industry politics make this a fascinating watch. English and Mandarin, with English subtitles. Netflix.


Movie 3: Fractured

This is an intense film with a complex plot, lots of confusion, even more cultural/social/disconnects perhaps harvested from the current craziness with a heavy dose of condemnation on the health care system. Netflix.



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