Movies: Close, In The Shadow of the Moon, The Lovebirds

Movie 1: Close

This Netflix thriller is an Action Adventure/Mystery Suspense staring Noomi Rapace as the bad ass protector. It’s an action packed story about people that are just not all that interesting. Much of the story is not believable. It’s extremely violent but just unique enough to hold your interest.


Movie 2: In The Shadow of the Moon

This is a most unusual Sci-Fi film about time travel. It’s a serial killer mystery that wanders through time and logic. What starts as an intriguing concept evolves into a confusing mess. It becomes tedious. Keep some aspirin handy. Netflix.


Movie 3: The Lovebirds

This is a bizarre murder mystery. Yes, it’s goofy, sometimes corny, it’s not likely to win any industry awards….BUT, given the current events and the bizarre times we are enduring it might just be an anecdote for a couple of hours. It opened today on Netflix.



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