Movies: Intuition, The Last Days of American Crime, Polar

Movie 1: Intuition

It’s an Argentinian “thriller”. One critic referred to it as “schlocky”. That would be accurate! The idea is to capture a serial kidnapper of young girls in a dark forest where…apparently young girls just hang out waiting to be murdered…Go figure!! The Netflix version we saw was dubbed in English.


Movie 2: The Last Days of American Crime

Here it is folks! This one is based on the near future where the US Government creates an electronic brain device that stops all crime remotely!! It’s set in Brooklyn, New York but much of the story unfolds in Canada.

It’s unbelievably violent, most of the characters are repulsive. Most scenes are obscene. Some special effects are impressive but not nearly enough to balance the gross story line.


Movie 3: Polar

This film was released just before the Covid-19 Pandemic began. This too was a horrific film filled with extreme violence, torture and bizarre concepts. This one has one of the worlds top assassins, ready for retirement, but double crossed by his former employer. Yup…more blood and guts than a meat packing plant!



4 thoughts on “Movies: Intuition, The Last Days of American Crime, Polar”

  1. Has your “confinement” been reduced to this? These films are ghastly. Whatever moved you to view them????

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