Movies: Mudbound, Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City, 365 DNI

Movie 1: Mudbound

This exceptional film is set in rural Mississippi at the end of World War II. It’s a powerful reminder of war, racism, endurance and family. It’s often difficult to watch. It’s perfect timing given current events. This film received four Oscar nominations in 2018, including supporting actress for Mary J. Blige.


Movie 2: Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City

Set in Spain, this crime thriller explores a serial killer and the police process to apprehend the killer. It doesn’t do a great job following the novel it’s based on. Be warned there is graphic violence, torture and explicit sex. The version we saw was dubbed in English.


Movie 3: 365 DNI

This film is getting mixed reviews. Fasten your seat belts. This film is confusing. It also spends excessive amounts of time with sex scenes, lots and lots of sex scenes! It’s intended to be a story about a Sicilian Mafia family member and kidnappings. English, Italian and Polish, with English subtitles.



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  1. Are you going to theaters to view these films? The first sounds pertinent and interesting. Our nearest art film theater has just announced that it is closing forever.

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