Movies: Plagues of Breslau, Devil’s Mistress, The Hater

Movie 1: Plagues of Breslau

This Polish production yields a unique look at female police officers stalking a serial killer. It’s a rare peek into Polish cinematic psychopaths. Some of the scenes are quite grotesque, albeit inventive, but nonetheless disturbing to watch. Polish dubbed in English.


Movie 2: Devil’s Mistress

This film is a Czech production about a romance between a popular Czech film star who enters into a relationship with Joseph Goebbels. It’s quite intriguing. Told from a unique perspective. It’s been heavily edited resulting in the loss of 20 minutes compared to the UK version. It’s well worth watching nonetheless. Czech and German with English subtitles.


Movie 3: The Hater

This Polish film is a dark look at the world of social media and its dark underbelly. It’s based on the 2011 sequel Suicide Room. It recently won awards at the Tribeca Film Festival for Best International film. Nonetheless, this film seems targeted towards younger audiences. Dubbed in English from the original Polish.



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