TRAVEL: San Francisco Zoo

After much encouragement from the citizens of San Francisco, the Mayor agreed to open the San Francisco Zoo.  Close friends who are annual members were kind enough to gift us Passes and Parking!!

We have not been to this zoo in literally decades!!  It was a welcomed and enjoyable distraction from our rather mundane and tedious routine of the last many months!

We hope you enjoy the attached photos.



7 thoughts on “TRAVEL: San Francisco Zoo”

  1. Looks like a great trip to the zoo. What a great way to get outside and enjoy some open space in the city. Lots to learn there, too.

    Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  2. Hi Jim and John, thanks for sharing the SF zoo. Our Santa Barbara Zoo is closed, so until I can visit it, I will doubly appreciate your pictures.

  3. Excellent photos! I did not know about SF Zoo, even though having lived there many years! So happy for you to have an enjoyable and different activity!

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