Movies: Alone in Berlin, The Operative

Movie 1: Alone in Berlin

This 2016 film release is based on real events set in the 1940’s. Excellent acting coupled with gripping real experiences. It is a powerful reminder of the world not so long ago. It’s not always easy to watch. See it anyway. Netflix.


Movie 2 : The Operative

It’s a extraordinary twist where a rogue spy from Israel’s formidable intelligence force Mossad casts broad suspicion. It’s sometimes baffling, sometimes confusing, but consistently entertaining with excellent acting. English, French, Hebrew and German with English subtitles.


5 thoughts on “Movies: Alone in Berlin, The Operative”

  1. So happy to see a post. Steve and I have been thinking about you with all the terrible wildfire news reports. Hope all is good.

  2. Glad to hear from you. Seemed like too long between posts. Starting to worry. Hope you are dealing with pandemic, smoke and lack of travel. We are really missing the ability to enjoy travel, especially now that we are retired and have the time.
    Ray & Dale Clark

  3. Hi Jim and John!
    We hope that you are both keeping well in spite of the wildfires and smoke. We have been thinking about you guys, hopefully safe and healthy. We are doing well but there is a definite ‘Fallish’ feel here–leaves have started changing colour and nights are a lot cooler.

    Thanks for the reviews of these two movies. I think that the first one is more our style. We’ll check it out!
    Love to you both!
    Denise & Bob

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