Movies: The Take (Bastille Day), Enola Holmes, The Crimes That Bind

First a BIG HELLO to our readers.  Its been quite a crazy several months…Yes!?  We hope this note finds everyone of our viewers in GOOD HEALTH and surrounded by love and support!!

We have had several readers ask about our movie sources.  NO we have not been to a conventional theater since March 2020.  Our primary source is Comcast on Demand with a heavy reliance on Netflix.  Occasionally, friends suggest sources they have discovered.  Those are often our favorites.  This week is a good example.


Best wishes and much love,


PS….We are Great Uncles….again!!  Adam and Jennifer Rusniak have new baby Mila.  She’s quite a cutie!! 

Movie 1 Title: The Take (Bastille Day)

First…please allow us to clarify…the film we viewed under the title The Take was released in the US on Netflix. The same British Spy movie was released in Europe under the title Bastille Day.

That said we found the story intriguing. The acting holds the storyline in place. Idris Elba shines in the leading role. It succeeds as a thriller.


Movie 2 Title: Enola Holmes

First, this story is told from Sherlock Holmes sister’s perspective. That’s a twist on the usual Sherlock Holmes point of view. It’s an updated approach with excellent cinematography. It’s easy to watch. It’s a mixed bag of mystery, activism, romance and history with just the right touch of energy.


Movie 3 Title: The Crimes That Bind

It’s filmed in Buenos Aires, with Spanish dubbed in English. (Also available in English with Spanish subtitles.) Ultimately it’s the story about the age old struggle for dominance between the sexes and family conflict.



4 thoughts on “Movies: The Take (Bastille Day), Enola Holmes, The Crimes That Bind”

  1. Thanks for the reviews! I’ve been wanting to watch The Take and Enola Holmes. I’m a big fan of Idris Alba and like him in anything! Woof woof ! 😉 And I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. I didn’t know Enola Holmes was a take on his sister’s perspective and Henry Cavill … woof woof again !

  2. Oh good! I was hoping Enola Holmes would be good and you just verified that it is. I look to you for guidance! Thanks!

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