Movies: Welcome to Sudden Death, The Siege of Jadotville, Sand Castle

Movie 1: Welcome to Sudden Death

It has been called “the latest low rent action film”, “disposable”. Yes it’s a campy throw back to Claude Van Damme’s idea of an action film. It’s actually a bit too campy. The best thing to be said about this movie is it gave several very bad actors temporary employment.


Movie 2: The Siege of Jadotville

Now we are talking!! It’s the true story about the “Congo Crisis” in September 1961 where 157 Irishmen routed a force of 3,000 attackers. Ireland remarkably suffered no fatalities. It’s an incredible story.


Movie 3: Sand Castle

Here is another good film. This film is set in the early years of the “American-Iraqi conflict”. It’s not a children appropriate film due to “actual footage”, “snipers”, “massive explosions, hand-to-hand combat and so on”. That said, it’s a powerful reminder of recent history.



3 thoughts on “Movies: Welcome to Sudden Death, The Siege of Jadotville, Sand Castle”

  1. Thanks for your always excellent reviews. You’ve saved me some significant time with this one. The first one stinks and, for the other two, I don’t watch war movies.

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