Movies: The Trial of the Chicago 7, Oloture, War Machine

Movie 1: The Trial of the Chicago 7

This film is a timely throw back to the infamous 1969 trials of seven defendants charged by the government with conspiracy to undermine the government. Sound familiar?!? Given our current events, this is a must see film currently available on Netflix. The Oscar race starts NOW.


Movie 2: Oloture

Well now…where does one start to describe this film? In general it’s based on sex trafficking in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s quite gritty and difficult to watch. It is often brutally violent and frankly quite hard to tolerate. That said, it’s based on real situations. This film is in heavily accented English so the English subtitles are most helpful.


Movie 3: War Machine

This film is “loosely” based on real events. It’s set in Afghanistan with US and NATO forces. It’s supposed to be a satirical portrait of the region’s war. It ends up being a commentary on global conflict and failed multinational management. That said, Brad Pitt’s portrayal as General McCrystal is surprisingly realistic!



2 thoughts on “Movies: The Trial of the Chicago 7, Oloture, War Machine”

  1. A friend was talking today about “The Trial of the Chicago Seven”, commenting on The quality of the production and how much it jolted her memories of those times and that important event.

    I guess I am going to have to subscribe to Netflix!

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