Movies: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, The Beast (La Belva), The Life Ahead

Movie 1: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

This exceptional film is set in 1927 Chicago. This remake of a Broadway production is the story about a tough soulful blues singer who carves out a career during very difficult times and conditions. Viola Davis morphs into the character. It’s astonishing! Oscar material!! Don’t miss it.


Movie 2: The Beast (La Belva)

This is a unique Italian film. It is focused on a special forces veteran who comes out of retirement to protect his daughter from kidnapers. It’s tough to watch but well worth the time. It’s quite violent at times but there are also moments of caring. It was dubbed in English from Italian.


Movie 3: The Life Ahead

Here’s a very unique film staring Sophia Loren! It’s the story about love and tolerance of an aging Holocaust survivor and a young Senegal immigrant. It’s been described as a fitting tour de force achievement for Ms. Loren. We agree.



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