Movies: Triple 9, Rust Creek, Ghosts of War, Canvas

Movie 1: Triple 9

Well…it’s quite the wild ride. It’s an energetic bank robbery filled with lots of action and a lame plot. All action, very little substance.

The screenplay simply does not translate to the big screen! Pun intended…


Movie 2: Rust Creek

This fascinating film is based on a true story. That’s what makes it interesting. A college student gets lost in remote Appalachian Kentucky. The local authorities are not what they seem and the bad guys have mixed intentions.


Movie 3: Ghosts of War

Haunted mansion! Yup! Believable…nope! Crazy Nazis. Crazier spirits abound! Unless you are serious Sci/Fi fans we suggest skipping this one.


Movie 4: Canvas

This animated short film (9 minutes) is simply spectacular! Do not miss it if at all possible.


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