Movies: Ava, Jingle Jangle, The Prom

Movie 1 Title: Ava

Oh my! Where to begin. It’s an intriguing thriller! It boasts a good cast: Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, John Malkovich and Gena Davis. Yes, it’s less than perfect and the storyline bobbles around a bit too much. But…its energy and hutzpah is worth the watch.


Movie 2 Title: Jingle Jangle

What a delightful film. It’s a charming Christmas story with positive messages. Its story is appropriate for most age groups but it might be a bit much for young children as it runs a full two hours. The costumes, sets and cinematography are gorgeous.


Movie 3 Title: The Prom

Here’s another charming, entertaining film packed with soundbites that are current, often hilarious and thought provoking. The story and production are a blast to watch. Occasionally challenging but well worth your time.



5 thoughts on “Movies: Ava, Jingle Jangle, The Prom”

  1. The Prom was a big step out for Netflix. Lots of important messages delivered smoothly and without being “preachy.”
    Big stars all delivered.

    Loved Jingle Jangle!

  2. Wow! Three for three! You had a good run of movies! Thanks for the always trustworthy reviews! Looking forward to seeing these pics!

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