Movies: The 12th Man, Mosul, Hillbilly Elegy

Movie 1: The 12th Man

This fascinating movie is based on real events about 12 resistance fighters in Norway during the end of World War II. It’s a riveting story about espionage and survival. It’s unique, often beautiful but also sometimes difficult to watch. A must watch for history buffs. Norwegian and German with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Mosul

This Netflix film is laser focused on the last days of the Isis attempt to conquer Iraq. Overall, it’s a mixed bag. Often confusing, intense and difficult to absorb. It’s also revealing, destructive and quite overwhelming. Arabic with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Hillbilly Elegy

This is a fascinating and riveting film about three generations of a family’s life set in rural Kentucky and Ohio. It boasts a great cast including Glen Close, Amy Adams along with dozens of others.

It’s based on the bestselling book by the same name. It can be difficult to watch at times and occasionally overwhelming but the excellent acting compensates.



5 thoughts on “Movies: The 12th Man, Mosul, Hillbilly Elegy”

  1. I have seen both The 12th Man and Hillbilly Elegy and I agree both are worth watching. Hillbilly Elegy was directed by Ron Howard who always does a fantastic job bringing stories to the screen that are inspirational as well as emotional.
    The 12th Man was a part of history that I never knew and demonstrates the courage and bravery of people fighting in WWII.

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