Movies: I Care A Lot, Sentinelle, Black Sea

Movie 1: I Care A Lot

This film just won Rosamund Pike a Golden Globe award for Best Actress. It’s listed as a comedy but it’s not! It is a crime thriller. It’s actually a story about a horrid person who uses the legal system to gain legal guardian control over elderly people and their assets. It’s a MUST watch for anyone over 50!


Movie 2: Sentinelle

This film was somewhat difficult to watch. It felt a bit too realistic. It’s about a French woman who served in a traumatizing combat mission. Even tough it is listed as an action thriller, it’s actually better described as a revenge film. Dubbed English from French and Russian.


Movie 3: Black Sea

This thriller/adventure film is very unique. It’s well crafted. That said, it’s NOT based on true events. It is well acted, if not occasionally stretched now and then. It’s entertaining and thought provoking. Scenes inside the submarine are very claustrophobic.



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