Movies: The Girl On The Train, The Little Stranger, My Octopus Teacher

Movie 1: The Girl On The Train

This Bollywood 2 hour Thriller/Drama is actually a mystery. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Interesting enough but overall the acting is lacking. It makes up for it with just enough of a Bollywood production.


Movie 2: The Little Stranger

This gothic drama is based on the novel by the same name. It is set in 1948 at a remote estate named Hundreds Hall. It’s been the Ayers family estate for over 200 years. Now in decline and believed to be haunted. It’s a bit shameful actually.


Movie 3: My Octopus Teacher

This film is worthy of attention! It’s nominated for this years Best Documentary Feature. It’s absolutely fascinating. It blends drama and intrigue set in South Africa, Cape Town. It’s touching, fascinating, thought provoking and inspiring. Don’t miss it!



6 thoughts on “Movies: The Girl On The Train, The Little Stranger, My Octopus Teacher”

  1. I have also seen and loved The Octopus Teacher – a must-see. Thanks for the review. I am delighted to learn it has been nominated for best documentary feature.

  2. I read “The Girl…” and enjoyed it. Guess the book is sometimes better than the movie.
    Got my “v” shot yesterday. A one-shorter.
    Got it at the dialysis clinic.

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