The Courier, If Anything Happens I Love You, Paper Lives

Movie 1: The Courier

This is listed as a “Cold War Action/Thriller”. It’s often intense, violent and downright bloody. One critic suggested dialing down expectations… It’s actually very good if you just go with the flow a bit. The leading actors make this film succeed. Benedict Cumberbatch leads the way, Merab Ninidze keeps pace, along with a hand full of British actors. Based on real events. Note: This is the first movie we have seen in a theater in over a year. Great way to start!


Movie 2: If Anything Happens I Love You

This remarkable little 2D film has a run time of only 12 minutes! It is our pick as best animated short film for this year’s Oscar race. Be prepared for this Netflix film to be packed with powerful themes delivered with unique storytelling.


Movie 3: Paper Lives

This is a dark Turkish film about children with dark wounds, dirt poor poverty and poignant trauma. It’s often difficult to watch, sometimes uplifting but more often heartbreaking. It’s available on Netflix. Turkish film dubbed in British English.



3 thoughts on “The Courier, If Anything Happens I Love You, Paper Lives”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation on “If Anything Happens I Love You.”

    It was great. Gets our Oscar vote, too.

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