MOVIES: The Father, Chaos Walking, Minari

Movie 1: The Father

This film is based on the play by the same name. Overall it is both clever and agonizing at the same time. That said, it’s beautifully crafted as it draws the viewer into the characters confusion, tragedy and mental degradation. The film is nominated for this year’s Best Picture, Best Actor, Actress in a Supporting Role, Adapted Screenplay and Production Design. We predict Anthony Hopkins wins as Best Actor. He is brilliant.


Movie 2: Chaos Walking

Overall this film was a confusing and disappointing attempt at a Sci-fi adventure. The violence and language create chaos. Unfortunately the acting suffers and so does the audience. Actor Mads Mikkelsen gives a noteworthy performance but it’s not enough to overcome the flawed plot.


Movie 3: Minari

This two hour Drama about a Korean American family seeking a new life in Arkansas is intriguing and perplexing. Plenty of good acting and good storytelling. It’s telling, touching, frustrating and occasionally charming. It’s nominated for Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role, Actress in a Supporting Role, Original Screenplay, Director, and Original Score!



2 thoughts on “MOVIES: The Father, Chaos Walking, Minari”

  1. “The Father” was a lot to take in. There were so many layers to sort out. The set design was masterfully done. Subtle changes in the set mirrored changes in perception. Really well done.

    It was a great film and we agree that Anthony Hopkins is definitely due the Best Actor Oscar.

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