Movies: Here Today, Limbo, Wrath of Man

Movie 1: Here Today

Here is a PG-13 comedy-drama worth seeking out! Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish have great chemistry and are concurrently hilarious and charming. There is occasional strong language and sexual references.


Movie 2: Limbo

It’s listed as a Drama/Indie film. It’s actually much more and quite complicated. The lead character is a Syrian refugee who finds himself on a remote Scottish island waiting for asylum. It’s sometimes funny, other times bleak and still other times confusing. English and Arabic with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Wrath of Man

This film directed by Guy Ritchie features Jason Statham as a surprising tough guy in an action/crime film. It’s rated R for language, violence and a bit more. It’s a thriller, occasionally confusing but overall a solid mystery film. We really enjoyed it.



3 thoughts on “Movies: Here Today, Limbo, Wrath of Man”

  1. Wow! “Here Today” sounds like my kind of movie! Thanks for calling our attention to it. And, since I am wondering what day it is, I don’t think I can handle a movie that is “confusing”–or bleak. Thanks for the warning. I’ll pass on those types of movies until things return to normal–whatever that is!

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