Movies: Four Good Days, Concrete Cowboy, Green Zone

Movie 1: Four Good Days

This film is based on true events. It’s the story about a young girl with a long history of drug addiction. She seeks shelter at her Mom’s home while struggling to stay clean for four days in order to qualify for a new long term solution to the addiction.

It has good acting and a good storyline. Surprisingly audiences were mixed!


Movie 2: Concrete Cowboy

This Netflix film was impressive in spite of the often tough subject matter. It has a great cast featuring Idris Elba as the ringleader of a group of youngsters struggling to overcome street life and drug addiction. It’s worth the 2 hour run time.


Movie 3: Green Zone

Set in 2003 Iraq and featuring Matt Damon in another conspiracy action thriller. It’s also well worthy of the two hour run time. It’s filmed in Spain but it sure looks like Iraq. Rated R for Action/War.



One thought on “Movies: Four Good Days, Concrete Cowboy, Green Zone”

  1. We really liked Concrete Cowboy, too! We couldn’t believe that it was based on a true story and that there is that type of farm life in urban Philly!

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