Movies: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Things Heard and Seen, Synchronic

Movie 1: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

Well…This was a unique animated feature film from Japan. It’s been released in two versions Japanese with English subtitles and (the version we saw…dubbed in English).

That said, while the film was visually stunning, it was quite difficult, if not impossible to follow without a knowledge of the background of the story! Wait…there’s more. For some reason the ticket price was much more expensive than other first released films. Bottom line, we could not understand much of the story and we felt ripped off at the box office.


Movie 2: Things Heard and Seen

This Netflix thriller is a bit slow and confusing. The husband is a school teacher run amuck. It tries to be too artsy fartsy. It’s a shame given the film’s roots come from Sundance. It was good to see F. Murray Abraham again.


Movie 3: Synchronic

This Netflix film is both unique and confusing. Critics called it “a smart mystery thriller.” It’s an odd mix of edgy with a time travel plot that slowly reveals itself. All said, it’s unique.



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