MOVIES: Spiral: Saw, Finding You, The Woman in the Window

Movie 1: Spiral: Saw

Oy! The full title is “Spiral: From the Book of Saw”. If you are a fan of torture, bloody violence, drug abuse and drug use as part of your evening entertainment then this film is right up your alley! We suggest just skipping this one.


Movie 2: Finding You

Here is a romance, drama, comedy that is sure to please. Set in Ireland with a young couple learning how to fall in love. It’s a reminder courage and integrity can create strong behaviors and develop positive relationships. Cinematography of Ireland is gorgeous.


Movie 3: The Woman in the Window

This Netflix mystery thriller is rated R (for language and violence).  It has a great cast including Amy Adams, Gary Oldman and a score of  others.  It’s based on the novel by the same name.  Our favorite critique comment is “a trashy movie trying to be classy!”  



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  1. It would be helpful to know whether these films were seen on Netflix or Amazon, or in a theater.

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