MOVIES: Final Account, The Dry, Dream Horse

Movie 1: Final Account

This film is a remarkable documentary of interviews including the last generation of Hitler’s Third Reich. Some of the material is quite disturbing, often monumentally disturbing, sometimes painfully difficult to absorb. It is not to be missed! English and German with English subtitles. In theaters now.


Movie 2: The Dry

The Dry is listed as an Australian thriller. It’s rated R for violence, language. It’s based on 2016 book by the same name. It won numerous international awards. Overall it’s a murder mystery with good performances, a fair amount of angst and a hefty share of dark secrets.


Movie 3: Dream Horse

This is a charming film about a small town in Wales and the true story of a horse and a community of local supporters. It’s listed as a drama/comedy. Ultimately it’s a feel good film. It’s uplifting and well constructed. We found it fun and satisfying. Stay for the credits.



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