MOVIES: Army of the Dead, The Last Days, The Killing of Two Lovers

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Movie 1: Army of the Dead

Think twice before your next visit to Las Vegas! This film is focused on a zombie outbreak. Reviews take full advantage of the circumstances. Some scenes are down right gross, others marginally clever and a few quite amusing. Unless you are a fan of the genre or excited by endless gore, we suggest a pass on this one.


Movie 2: The Last Days

Set in 1944 Hungary when Nazi’s killed or deported nearly half a million Jews. It’s a 1998 Oscar winning documentary by Steven Spielberg. We cannot explain why it is rated PG-13…It’s not easy to watch or comprehend! That said, it should be required viewing. We saw this on Netflix.


Movie 3: The Killing of Two Lovers

Here is yet another couple headed for divorce court…nonetheless the couple agree to seek new relationships while trying to salvage their marriage. We will take no bets on how that’s going to work out!! One critic said it was brilliant but bitter. We think sad and frantic better describes the couple and their story.



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  1. Why would you even consider watching “The Army of the Dead”? The other two sound interesting. Thank you for stating where you saw The Last Days.

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