MOVIES: Cruella, A Quite Place II, The Conjuring

Movie 1: Cruella

There’s an interesting detail behind the Cruella film. Its leading character Cruella is an unlikely choice for the Disney movie machine. After all Cruella chose to kill Dalmatian puppies and skin them for fur coats . . .

That said . . . the film is thought provoking. Sometimes surprising, other times abhorrent, mostly it’s what you would expect from a Disney film albeit with more than a tad excitement and dark behavior from some characters. The costumes and sets are stunning.

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Movie 2: A Quiet Place II

It’s the second edition of the post-apocalyptic 2018 film of the same name. Both are American horror films where blind flying aliens have developed the ability to hunt humans with a newly developed sense of hearing. Creepier and more intense than the original film. It’s listed as a Sci-Fi Drama Horror Thriller.


Movie 3: The Conjuring

Horror film, Yep! Block bluster? Of Course. Scary . . . suspense. . . of course! Non stop intense, supernatural . . . creepy . . . !! This is the fourth film in the franchise. We enjoyed the film but if you have seen one you’ve seen them all. Oye!



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  1. Thanks for the research.

    I want to go to the movies and see a new movie. All that’s playing near me are horror films, gorefests and animated movie.

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