Movies: Xtreme, In The Heights, Peter Rabbit 2

Movie 1: Xtreme

Here’s a Netflix film for anyone who needs a good old film packed with violence, murder and seemingly endless thriller/action. Spanish with English subtitles. Be prepared…everything is extreme!


Movie 2: In The Heights

The Heights is a thoroughly entertaining non stop theater production about a vibrant New York neighborhood and its life long residents. There is more than something for everyone. It’s a tight knit community where there are deep roots, encouragement, support and talent! Simply a great way to spend 143 minutes.


Movie 3: Peter Rabbit 2

Here’s a good old fashioned story, now a fun adventure version sure to become part of the original classic fantasy. And a PG rating!



3 thoughts on “Movies: Xtreme, In The Heights, Peter Rabbit 2”

  1. Loved “In The Heights.” Full of good music and high energy. A great depiction of a neighborhood with a heart.

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