Movies: The Sparks Brothers, 12 Mighty Orphans, Lansky

Movie 1: The Sparks Brothers

It’s described as a music documentary. It’s also described as an underrated rock band. This film is so much more… It’s a rare delight on so many levels. It deserves the recognition and admiration the audiences have delivered. It’s a classic, unique and all about the music!


Movie 2: 12 Mighty Orphans

It’s an odd but true story about a Fort Worth Texas high school football team during the Great Depression. It’s occasionally violent and somewhat difficult to watch. Ultimately redeeming with a legacy that still exists in Austin, Texas today.


Movie 3: Lansky

Harvey Keitel’s stellar performance makes this film work! The real life Lansky was an underworld gangster in Florida. The film is loaded with bloody violence. It’s often quite difficult to watch.

That said, Keitel’s performance carries the show overall. It’s fascinating, deplorable, and concurrently mesmerizing. That said it is not appropriate for young audiences.



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