Movies: The Forever Purge, The Tomorrow War, Summer of Soul

Movie 1: The Forever Purge

Where to begin on this one…First know its quite violent with more than a touch of gore set as a neo Western thriller. Think of it as one part jealous anger, one part gang of killer nomads. This is 5th, and hopefully last, Purge movie in the franchise. Better yet skip the whole idea and go shopping at the nearest mall!


Movie 2: The Tomorrow War

Fasten your seat belts for this one too! Our planet is invaded by time travelers from the future who advise us earth is going to be destroyed by killer aliens 30 years in the future! It’s an interesting and action packed concept. No worries…Chris Pratt is there to save us all!


Movie 3: Summer of Soul

This extraordinary documentary is laser focused for several weeks during the summer of 1969 filming the Harlem Cultural Festival. It’s nothing short of amazing!! Sometimes called the Black Woodstock.




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