Movies: F9 The Fast Saga, Pig, The Boss Baby 2 Family Business

Movie 1: F9 The Fast Saga

It takes more than a moment to decipher the title. The studios would like to characterize this latest production to be “magical”. Don’t be surprised with the “expansive expectation” the studio’s are creating…”Special” “innovative action”, “be enthralled”. Running well over two hours there is just not that much to crow about!


Movie 2: Pig

Rated R, this mystery thriller is intriguing and unique. Nicolas Cage is almost unrecognizable in his character. Critics are mixed with comments ranging from “actor’s best!” to “hamminess”. We liked it…a lot!




Movie 3: The Boss Baby 2 Family Business

It’s quite a bit of imagination to buy into the concept. It’s a sequel to the 2017 production. One critic called it “Immoral” and “as vibrant as cream of wheat”. We would agree its more than a bit goofy and not really appropriate for younger audiences.



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