Movies: Old, Joe Bell, Jungle Cruise

Movie 1: Old

This thriller is about a family on a secluded tropical beach vacation. It’s the latest film by M. Night Shayamalan. It’s not very intelligent science fiction that’s haunting. Be warned, there is violence, nudity and such.


Movie 2: Joe Bell

Finally a true story willing to confront audiences with tough real life issues.  Mark Wahlberg delivers a stunning father figure as the bereaved father of his son Joe Bell.  His character decides to journey across the country to protest bullying.  Sad but powerful!



Movie 3: Jungle Cruise

This latest Disney release is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  It takes the theme park ride to a new level.  Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are perfectly cast.  It has a great balance of comedy, fantasy and adventure.  The two hour production flies by!



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