Movies: Snake Eyes, The Green Night, Casanova Last Love

Movie 1: Snake Eyes

This film, the beginning of the G.I. Joe franchise, is sure to satisfy martial art fans. It’s entertaining, action packed, with a ‘behind the scenes’ quality to it. We were surprised to learn there was a “mid credit scene” that garnered big kudos from viewers and critics. Be prepared for the 2 hour run time!


Movie 2: The Green Night

Oh my…where to begin?! One critic called this one of the most memorable films of the year sighting the “swirl of masculinity” as a key element in the production. All that said…it wasn’t terrible, just laborious. Overall, more than a bit disappointing for such an elaborate production.


Movie 3: Casanova Last Love

This was both an intriguing and frustrating view of the infamous French philanderer. This film takes place mostly in 18th century London. In this production Casanova is 74 years old who enjoys gambling and the company of young ladies. Overall, disappointing! French with English subtitles.



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