Movies: The Vault, Nine Days, Annette

Movie 1: The Vault

If you are in the mood for an Action, Drama, Mystery, Crime Thriller, don’t miss this movie! It’s set in Spain during the World Cup. It’s quite an interesting concept with clever characters and several unique scenes. Available on Netflix.


Movie 2: Nine Days

This Drama, Fantasy is quite unusual in concept. Five unborn souls compete to see which one is chosen to be given life on Earth. (You won’t see that concept very often!) All in all a very confusing 2 hours.


Movie 3: Annette

Comedian (Adam Driver) meets Opera Star (Marion Cotillard) who become a loving couple. It’s an interesting concept once their first child is born. Some nudity, language and a few surprises. Great cast, but it just didn’t work for us. 2 hour, 20 minute run time seems much longer.



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