Movies: Respect, Flag Day, Free Guy

Movie 1: Respect

If you are a fan of Aretha Franklin, this is a NOT TO BE MISSED film! It covers most of her career and many of her challenges and barriers in life, good, bad and quite a bit more. Jennifer Hudson practically morphs into Aretha! DO NOT MISS IT!!


Movie 2: Flag Day

Based on true events, this drama, thriller, mystery is simply remarkable film making. Sean Penn is both the director and actor along with his daughter Dylan Penn. Some critics have not been kind to this film. We felt it was one of the best father/daughter films in a while. Dylan Penn makes a stunning debut. Do see it!


Movie 3: Free Guy

We didn’t have high expectations for this video game film. It turned out to be a clever, funny movie. It was quite inventive with unique concepts. The critics get picky about a few petty ideas, pay no attention. We found it fresh and enjoyable.



4 thoughts on “Movies: Respect, Flag Day, Free Guy”

  1. Looks like you guys had a great week at the movies. Thanks for sharing these. We’ve seen one of these and are soon off to see another.

  2. Just got home from Respect.

    Wow! What a movie. What a performance by Jennifer Hudson. I think Oscars are coming her way.

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